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I am now uploading a new series of articles written weekly by Jon R. Calvin: The Crystal Sea Discusions. Also, click here for article about the rediscovery of an ancient all-natural food source that's loaded with mega vital nutrients and proven to lower cholesterol naturally. And, to our new first-time visitors: We Welcome You! Rudy Jones finally has a “new home” for the thousands of pages that he has literally handwritten since we met back in 1998.

I'd like to give you a quick tour, but before we begin, I'd like you to know that this “new home” was actually conceived many decades ago — back when the seed of Rudy's desire to study The Tabernacle was first planted.

Some time ago I'd asked Rudy how he became so interested in The Tabernacle. Would you like to know? Our “home tour” will now officially begin with a little background information:

Rudy Responds... 

Rudy's answer to my question: “How did you first become so interested in The Tabernacle?” is located in the area Rudy Responds, where we plan to store future responses to simple questions such as this, plus the more popular and thought provoking questions he receives.

More Spiritual Articles... 

We've also created another area for reading “More Spiritual Articles,” where we'll add new miscellaneous spiritual articles from time to time, as well as Rudy's earlier articles, some of which he wrote in response to questions I had asked after attending one of his seminars.

Back in 1998, Stan and Nancy Patterson were pastoring a United Methodist Church, and invited my husband Tim and I to attend a special Sunday evening seminar. We traveled about an hour back and forth each week to hear this man named Rudy Jones, who was teaching a 4-week seminar on The Tabernacle of Moses, but we were never formally introduced. Months later, when we met with the Pattersons at a restaurant for dinner, it just so happened that the Pattersons had also invited their close friends: Rudy and Polly Jones.

Months earlier I'd experienced a revelation that I'd been hesitant to share with anyone, because I'd never heard anyone speak of this. But that evening, I found the freedom to 'reveal' the revelation. Rudy was the confirmation and witness I needed. During the conversation, I asked Rudy if he had material I could study further. I was surprised to learn that Rudy had none — he didn't even use a computer! After that first meeting, I began to call from time to time and bombard both him and Polly with questions. As a result, Rudy began mailing pages of explanations with scripture references which he had handwritten, and a life long relationship with these two precious friends began. It wasn't until years later, after receiving numerous requests for additional articles, that I began typesetting those handwritten pages. We plan to store these and other special articles by Rudy and his friends in this area called More Spiritual Articles.

Alternative Health... 

A few months after our first dinner meeting, the six of us met again for a second dinner, and it was then when I learned that Rudy had been invited to teach a course on The Tabernacle at a Bible College. I imagined how much more beneficial the course would be if students had a course book to study — so I volunteered to type for Rudy. Because there's an hour's drive between us (depending on traffic), we began mailing drafts and revisions for the book back and forth. Rudy later purchased a fax machine so that he could expedite the process by faxing me his handwritten notes. I would do they typesetting, print them out, and fax them back to him. He would then either call to discuss changes, or make notes on the typed pages I'd faxed him, and then he'd fax them back to me. (I don't miss those good old days.)

Eventually the pages that were initially intended for students, developed into an Interactive Home Bible Study Course for home or small group study. When Gary Sigler heard about the course, he graciously set up up a web page with only the “Preface” and “Introduction” to The Tabernacles 101 on the Sigler Ministries website. Gary also set up a link from Rudy's web page to my email address so that interested visitors could send their requests for the study to me, because... Rudy still didn't use a computer.

Due to the distance between us, we were not able to meet Rudy and Polly on a regular basis, but whenever we did, we'd spend hours discussing scripture and/or alternative health ideas we've implemented in our lifestyle. We've therefore included an Alternative Health area, which will later store our articles concerning things we personally use and do to energize us and protect our health.


It's now been 10 years since we first met Rudy and Polly, and I'm happy to announce: Rudy Jones is now using a computer! But, because Rudy and Polly live so far out in the country, they do not have internet access. This means they have NO email. This could be a blessing in disguise because Rudy prefers to focus on his study and writing, plus, he doesn't have to contend with spam or computer viruses!

Because I handle Rudy's internet correspondence for him, I thought there may be folks interested in reading some of the Feedback we have received from like-minded students, who are scattered throughout the world. Please do not be disappointed if you do not see your message posted online. Because of the large number of responses, I have only highlighted a few of the messages received over a period of nearly 10 years.

I'd like to thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers. And a special note to my husband, Tim: You have truly been my helpmate. Thank you for your love and support... the cleaning, cooking, and even laundry... giving me the space and time I needed to help this dream materialize.

In Light and Love!  Dianne  [12/16/08]

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