Photo of Rudy Jones and model of river waterfall

The Crystal River
    by Rudy Jones...

After my baptismal experience on “444” concerning the water which flowed from the pierced side of Jesus, I was drawn to the scripture: “And he shewed me a pure River of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb,”  and I knew that my attempt to explain "The Baptismal Water" that was shown me should be entitled "The Crystal River." The "Water" is symbolic of God's revealed Word, and of the flow of the River of Life there is no end.

Click HERE for the AUDIO SERIES of “The Crystal River” available online.

Click on the links below to download PDF files for each printed article:

The Crystal River Part 1

• My 444 Encounter — My Life-Transforming Experience

The Crystal River Part 2

• The Water Factor
• Jesus was the Truth about God — And the Truth about Man

The Crystal River Part 3

• Our Physical Body is a Crystal River of Spiritual Frequencies
• Jesus was The First Man to Introduce God as Spirit

The Crystal River Part 4

• What's New? You Are!  You are the New Creation in Christ
• The Kingdom of Heaven's Secret Place of the Creative Mind of Christ is in the Heart

The Crystal River Part 5

• We Have Two Brains: One in Our Heart and One in our Head
• The Word “Hebrew” Means “One Who Has Crossed Over”

The Crystal River Part 6

• The Quantum Ascension
• Wholeness and Health are a 4th Dimension Quantum Experience

The Crystal River Part 7

• The Power of GRACE Consciousness
• What Everyone Is Waiting For Has Already Happened

The Crystal River Part 8

• Preparation for the Anticipation of Transition 
• Our Physical Body is an Earth Suit for Our Spirit to Wear
• The Lamb's Book of Life

The Crystal River Part 9

• The Miraculous Journey
• Christ is a Quality of the Miraculous Experienced in a Dimension of Spirit
• Christ In Us is a T Cell. He can be Anything and Everything We Need

The Crystal River Part 10

• Journey Into Father's House
• Have You Considered Being of Another Dimension?

The Crystal River Part 11

• A Journey Into Invisible Light
• Where and How Is God Building His Temple?

The Crystal River Part 12

• A Summary of Marriage of the Old and New Testaments
• Spiritual War is the Struggle Between the Outside and Inside
• The Message of Salvation Is Very Simple

The Crystal River Part 13

• The Son of Promise
• There is a Natural Body, and There is a Spiritual Body
• The Christ Life is of Another Dimension where the Invisible is Made Visible

The Crystal River Part 14

• The Parallel Universes of the Human Brain
• Is it possible that, in Christ, the Peaceful Tranquility
  of the Right-Brain is available continually?

The Crystal River Part 15

• Take Heart
• A Slice of the Half That Has Never Been Told
• Entrainment: What Is It, and How Does It Work?

The Crystal River Part 16

• A Continuation of A Slice of the Half That Has Never Been Told
• Ubiquitous!
• A Fresh Look at The Revelation of Mystery Babylon

The Crystal River Part 17

• From Transition to Destination: The Holy Sea/See
• Passover is Giving Birth to a New You!
• Quantum is the Spirit Dimension Unheard of Until Now
• Entrainment - A New Insight to Jacob's Ladder

The Crystal River Part 18

• Examining The SEE of Humanity

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