Rudy and Polly in their front garden

    from Rudy & Polly Jones...

We wish to introduce you to Quantum Truth.

Just as a grain of sea salt contains the perfect blueprint memory of the pristine minerals present in the ocean (before being overpowered by pollutants)... at the quantum level, the memory in every cell of our body is in perfect Oneness with the Creator.

God, as Spirit, only knows us as Unified Spirit at the Quantum Level, just as was illustrated in the relationship with Jesus and His Father.

We chose the name “WeQuanta” for our web site to help us present the proposition that the place where each of us experiences the Mind of Christ is at the Quantum Level, the 4th Dimension, where there is no time, no space, and no separation. Quanta is the plural of Quantum — collectively we are the Quanta Body of Christ — or “WeQuanta.” In Him, there is absolute unity and equality in Quantum Oneness. We hope this presentation will help further establish the understanding that the origin of life began at the Quantum Level — the unified field of consciousness — where at our spiritual origin in Christ we are all equal, and as you will discover: Each one of us is preprogrammed to be the expressed visible image of the invisible God (Col.1:15).

Our spiritual journey is the day by day process of discovering the power
in accepting for ourselves our Oneness Equality with Christ.

The scriptures refer to this spiritual activity as Remembering and Returning. Everything that we experience in our spiritual relationship with our Heavenly Father happens as we learn to manifest the Quantum Truth from the inside out — i.e. declaring the end as the beginning — just as we enjoy the benefits of the pristine memory in a grain of sea salt.

The photo above was taken of us in the garden, which is in the front yard of our home we built fifty years ago, and where we live today. We named our street Pele Place to recognize the angelic visitation which launched our dedication to uncover and understand The Tabernacle Mysteries. Pele is the Hebrew name, which translated into English means “wonderful, secret or mystery.”

Our life long study has been to try to find the vocabulary to communicate the wonderful secrets manifested by Jesus Christ, concealed in the scriptures, which explained the structure and appointments in the Tabernacle of Witness.

We continue daily to search, share, and compare with others the life-transforming secrets, for those adventurous seekers who are willing to take a quantum leap in their faith.

We keep in mind that our goal is to fully embrace as Truth the following: We are Spirit, and in Spirit, we already are all that we can ever be — we already are everything that we're expected to be — even though we are challenged day by day by the opposition of the 3rd Dimensional World which attempts to distract us from our assignment, which is to demonstrate that there is a quality of life that is superior to the temporal 3-Dimensional flesh world. We hold this Truth to be self-evident: We ARE Spirit (Ephesians 4:4).

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