World map highlighting locations of known responses we received

    from Students & Friends...

With the ever increasing use of email today, the origins of the requests and responses we have received are rarely known. We did however, highlight the locations we are aware of at this time, and thought it would be interesting to map future responses.

We've also posted a few of the recent responses we have received, as well as older responses received as early as 2001, when the printed studies were first distributed.

April - 2012: Lucy, Queensland, Australia

I loved reading your edifications - because they all jell with our own in unity of spirit. I say thank you. The Holy Spirit does teach His pupils in unity that is why they are brethren who love each other...... Not as the church system loves, but from a changed heart, ''the brethren of the changed heart''. Again I do say Hello and a special thanks.

November - 2011: Oz & Mary, Washington, USA

In Synch with the Lord! Please do not unsubscribe us on your mailing list. We are always happy to receive all of Rudy's writings. The last one (#16 on the Kabed Heart) was so enlightening. Our love and blessings to each of you.

June - 2011: David M., South Carolina, USA

Dianne, Thanks so much for all your imput on this article (Crystal Sea #14). Three of us read it together and it is awesome. I will share with Rudy this info — Without faith it is impossible to agree with God, rather than please. From my understanding this is the correct translation. I think it is perfect because that is what this is about agreeing. God is already pleased with us (Christ). Again, thank you!!!! I will call Rudy and let him know how much we loved the article.

March - 2011: Doris, USA

Thank you so much! Your articles are always mind-stretching!!! Thanks

October - 2010: Bea, USA

I want to thank you for sending me the Crystal Sea article. It provides a double witness with what I'm delving into right now that I was astounded to read it. I have gone to the site and read the entire series. I have known for some time that I was a true offspring of God and that Christ and I were connected. For a while I have been affirming that Father and I are one. I have always expected to do just as Christ said, "the same and even greater things than He." Any Christian friends that I could maintain always ridiculed such thoughts, but I never wavered. I have been rewarded with many miraculous manifestations of a varied nature and phenomena. Since a life changing encounter with Christ in my living room at 3 a.m. in 1974, I have been on a journey of miracles and learning more and more, line upon line, precept upon precept until now I am understanding the energy fields that fill and surround us are the essence of God. What exciting times we are living in. I can hardly contain myself as we are all on a fast track now and we better hang on tight. I am writing a book bringing together the Christian doctrines to meld with the metaphysical and new scientific frontiers like quantum theory. All sixty-eight years of my life experience has been leading me to these conclusions and I have plenty of first hand evidence to back it up. Thank you again for this compelling series on the Crystal Sea.

April - 2010: Linda E., Georgia, USA

I have been studying your Crystal Rivers for about 2 weeks. Much of this has already been downloaded by the Holy Spirit and your writing is a confirmation. It was like CLICK, CLICK. I saw it in the Spirit and your words locked it in place. I was listening to #7 today. I already knew all of it, amazing!!! GLORY! and Thank you Rudy!

March - 2010: Ron G., New Zealand

I am totally inspired by your articles on the Crystal Sea. I have just re-read the whole lot, and got more from them. Bless you, and keep up the inspired work.

March - 2010: Marilyn, USA

Thank you so very much for your remarkable Spiritual insight and revelations. You have been and are such a blessing to so many. Since I am 84 yrs old now, and have impaired eyesight, your voice teachings are truly a Godsend.  Love & blessings

January - 2010: Helen, Washington, USA

The main purpose for checking my email is to find another "Crystal Sea", but finding your account of your dream is amazing...for several reasons. For some time now I have been praying for mankind that rather than just ask "have you received Christ?", to ask a more vital request to receive the TRUTH OF WHO HE IS AND WHY HE CAME. We have not because we ask not, but if we will ask He will answer. He came to show us WHO WE ARE ! you said. To show the way from beginning to end of the plan and purpose...if we can SEE. How gentle He is with us opening to us understanding as we can bear it. Isn't it amazing that we have all truth within us already, but refuse to "let go" of our own perceptions in order to reveal it? When we let go of mortality we can "put on" immortality. You know all this, you helped me to know this by causing me to rethink some things. WE KNOW THAT WE HAVE PUT ON IMMORTALITY WHEN WE KNOW THAT NOTHING CAN TAKE OUR LIFE !! I don't believe your "crossing over" meant that you died, but maybe your perception died. Either way you "crossed over" the Jordan to the promised land after realizing your real name. I believe there are a number of us who will step in the Jordan first and make and show the way to thousands! (as the priests carrying the ark) I know some of these people now for the time is now. Soon we (meaning you ,too) are coming together like the "upper room" sort of thing to "incorporate" to equip and call to order and receive orders. What a great time to be alive...I mean really alive! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Eternal love

January - 2010: Tom, USA

Well Glory Brother, Such a wonderful dream! "IF any man be in CHRIST JESUS he is a new creation" and we always thought this just a name. It is the very character of being that Father would have us to be walking in and not just quoting a scripture. Surely it is the Anointing that will break the yoke in this day as we truly reckon/recognize that we are indeed dead to unbelief and alive unto God in the anointed salvation. Love and hugs to you and yours

February - 2010: Rebecca, Te Puke, New Zealand

Hi Dianne, Thanks for the crystal sea part 8, its neat. I went back and read all the others. Isn't God amazing, HE brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how much revelation on HIS mysteries that is coming to HIS children I am so enjoying my relationship with HIM. It is so good to think that I can talk to you guys on the other side of the world about what HE is doing in our lives. Love to you precious saints of God.

December - 2009: Des Walter, Australia, New Covenant Ministry

Dear Dianne, I have been greatly blessed by Rudy’s writings, I am writing to him now to say thank you for being faithful to the Truth expressed in Christ. Thank you also for all that you do to help get the message out, and for thinking of me as you post the increase of the Stream of Life to me. I feel like this stream of life in which I began to paddle almost 40 years ago, has now swept me off my feet and I discovered I can SWIM. But even beyond this I now discover that it is no longer ME and the river, but I have become the river and I wonder where do we go from here except to flow as an expression of Father to see his children brought back into union with Him. Be wonderfully blessed and encouraged in the Lord. In His unlimited LOVE

December - 2009: Florie F., New York, USA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the series The Crystal Sea, my husband and I are simultaneously studying this together and we are happy to know that the body of Christ is speaking the same thing. We look forward to hearing from you and to further study into the wonders of Our Great God.

December - 2009: Ruth J.

Thank you so much for your study of God's Word and for sharing the enlightenment which enriches the lives of the Body. We are all filled with the abundant life you share. I am richly blessed. And I am most thankful. God bless you in all that you do.

December - 2009: Valinda C., Florida, USA

i just discovered the "wequanta" website through wisefire. i have been voraciously reading from the site for about a week now. can't get enough. the writings are connecting the dots for me in an amazing way. i've... been reading and in hot pursuit since 2005. when i stumbled onto this... whoa! it was like it all just came together. what a progressive journey. i have such a heart of joy and gratitude. Again, thank you for the amazing amount of time you put forth into the articles. I am deeply thankful.

November - 2009: Brenda H., Missouri, USA

Beloved Dianne, I am looking for a clean copy of "THE TRIPLE CROWN" article. Mine is all highlighted and written on now... especially since this past weekend while Cindy and I were doing our study over the phone. The things we saw... incredible!!! Resurrection, out from the dead. What a concept... what a revelation. Now too, I fully understand "THE EUNUCH." My, MY, MY. Actually, I was reading the "Crystal River #7" and "Close Encounter of the 1st Kind" to Cindy... then I heard or saw the word "Eunuch" in my spirit... after getting off the phone with Cindy... two to three hours later... I began my search. I keep all your articles in three binders. EUREKA!!! I found it.. a little tabby with eunuch written on it. I remember probably one of the first times I talked with Rudy. As I was talking to Rudy I was looking out my apartment balcony sliding door where down the hill in a place where semi trucks are not supposed to park was a semi with the words "TRIPLE CROWN" on the cab. That had to be 4 years ago... or longer. I literally spend hundreds of dollars making copies at Office Max to give and send to people to see if anyone out there is "AWAKE." Boy, has religion and traditions of men got our beloveds asleep. "Some must enter therein." Wow, what a handful of "EUNUCH SPIRITS" could do... "I only do what I see my Father do. I only do what my Father says to do." Glory!!! I and my Father are One... Amen!!! You guys cause us to "COME UP HIGHER"... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You raise the dead!!!  Much love and Light to you and yours and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

November - 2009: Karen K.

Dianne, I want to tell you that you are such an angel. To make sure everybody gets what God sends Rudy. Even though I never met you personally I feel such a connection to you and so much of kindred spirit. I met Rudy at David Mitchells church in St. Matthews, SC where my sister goes and was completely overwhelmed by his spirit and i feel so much as well that you are God sent. Bless all of you and thank you so much for all you do.

October - 2009:  Carol M.

We have really enjoyed the emails. Thanks for sending them. “The difference between God and man: God has not forgotten who He is.” That statement is incredible!  Blessings

September - 2009:  Joseph K., Kenya, Africa

Greetings in his Love, I reside in Nairobi, Kenya, and I have been witnessing the truth in your articles especially the brain in the heart teaching. Again I want to pass my thanks to you and your wife as you give out what the Father has put in your heart. It is so fresh and hidden manna for the new creation man.

September - 2009:  Donna B., South Carolina, USA

Hi Rudy! I have enjoyed going back over your Crystal River teachings so much! My family and I have been attending a church in Greenville and it is so often that the pastor says things from the pulput that sound like he's been talking to YOU! Thanks so much for sharing what the Spirit is giving you!!! I LOVE it!!!

September - 2009:  Margaret W., New Jersey, USA

I have been reading the Crystal River Articles and find them so very interesting. My husband who passed on in February, studied a great deal in physics and especially the Bible for over 50 years, and had some of the same revelations in different format (I don't know if that is the right word). He was extremely interested in the Atom and its relation to the human body and the universe. He talked about the place deep in the atom where none of it relates to the outer activities. I am just relating what I remember I am not a physics student. One thing he would always point out of our many studies, is that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light; any thing else we can let go of. I have been pouring over the many different websites found in the Kingdom Resources, and others. Several stand out to me as unique, and yours is one of those. I am left handed and have always been intrigued with right and left brain activities.

June - 2009:  Pam W., Texas, USA

Just want to express to you how much Joy and IN-spirit-ation that I am IS re-vealing in your marvelous writing! Thanks so much. Keep writing...for truly, this is your "music" you much,

May - 2009:  Everette B., Arizona, USA

There is only one thing to know who we are.

March - 2009:  Joseph K., Ohio, USA

I just visited Rudy’s website and loved it. I was especially thrilled with his article on the word “Christ.” He is the FIRST to confirm what I have taught for some number of years. I see the word “Christ” as meaning “God’s Life Flowing Through People.” Reading Rudy’s words were a blessing to me.

Also... I would like to share this with you. I feel that there are those who are fulfilling the scripture about “the last enemy — death.” In my Being, I know there is no death, but the flesh body, being as it is in the flesh realm, can be touched by death. I recently, after 3 yrs(!!!) of being off insulin, came under attack with a reading of my blood sugar of 740!! The doctor told my daughter that if she had not brought me in the hospital when she did, that I would have been dead by 6 am. (I am still alive!! lol.) While I was in ICU, my 8 yr. old grandson came to me, spiritually, and said; “Nana, remember, we do not HAVE to die.” I left the throws of death!! Then after I was out of the hospital for a week, I was taken back and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Again, I am still alive. lol.

I honestly believe that we are in the time that death will be defeated and we MUST have worked within us, or better wording, “remember” Who we are and put down that part of misleading teaching, that we have to see death. I do believe that this is what these two incidences were, the beginning of BEING WHAT AND WHO WE ARE. Death cannot touch a Spirit Being and I have known for a good while that I AM a Spirit Being, in fact, the very same Spirit Being that I came forth from. There is not two of us, there is ONLY HIM and He is manifesting Himself, through us, very clearly.

February - 2009:  Archie H.

Thank you, Rudy for your articles on Crystal Rivers. The waters are deep, refreshing, uplifting, and invigorating, and cleansing from old traditions, and doctrines. Eyes are opened, minds are set free, and lets us walk among the living in the spiritual realm.

February - 2009:  Sunny Coffman, Texas, USA

Roger and I read Crystal River #15 aloud to each other last night and we were so elevated in the spirit that there was no way we could refuse to attach it to the Circle of Light Prayer Letter! When you discover something new and wonderful... this heart Father controls within us just wants to share it with the world!

February - 2009:  Maureen M., Ireland

We were disappointed when we couldn't access Rudy's website. However our friend Peter in Cookstown kept on trying and then broke the glad news when the site finally opened up. Since then he's been pursuing the Tabernacle study while some of us here have been avidly drinking in from The Crystal River series. Last Wednesday, I was reading Part 5 and praying alongside. What really caught my attention was the bit about viewing the cross of Christ as a portal into the higher fourth dimension. I started to remember how when in the past I've been waiting for a healing and it's been long and sore and tedious — yet when the healing came, the actual time of suffering seemed to shrivel into insignificance in light of the joy and relief of the moment. I began then to realize and experience the place in my spirit/heart where there is no time, where the healing and deliverance are already accomplished. “This is a place of JOY!” I exclaimed, and peals of laughter burst forth from my lips. Before when preachers have exhorted; “Just believe you already have it,” it never really worked for me — it was like one part of my mind telling another part of my mind — and none of us were going anywhere! But this that I experienced from the teaching on the portal was REAL. No matter what's going on in the outer flesh shell, I now know there's a place in me where all is well — I am Resurrection Life. More than ever I am in ‘expectancy’!

February - 2009:  George M., Kenya, Africa

I have gone through your website and have been encouraged so much. I have realized that you have the present truth. I've been teaching the kingdom of God message emphasizing on the Manifestation of Christ in the saints and I look like the odd minister out of the rest... we seem to be of like-mind with you in this present truth.

December - 2008:  Denise T., Amity, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Wednesday night bible study is using your Tabernacle Study. It is opening the doors of our mind to a new level of spiritual understanding that we have not had before.

December - 2008:  Janice V., El Cerrito, California, USA

On a plane trip to China, I had written down a page full of questions to discuss with you when I returned home. When I returned, I found Crystal River 15 in the stack of mail that had accumulated. I took it to bed with me, and read it through. The next morning I read it again, and discovered that all the questions I had written down on that sheet of paper had been answered.

December - 2008:  Ms. Luanne Z., Cameron Park, California, USA

I live alone and your articles have become a close friend.

December - 2008:  Paula H., Snowflake, Arizona, USA

After reading Crystal River 15, all my questions were answered and I understood clearly what my Purpose in life is. I now know that I am equally equipped to be on the front line of what God is doing to establish His Kingdom on earth. I now am excited everything morning to see what God has planned for me today that would qualify me to walk more as a Spiritual Person.

December - 2007:  Pam

I am just now beginning to read your Crystal River message(s), and my spirit is so moved and flooded with Light, that I have to read slowly and soak in the riches of each small feeding, or else I might burst, it seems. How I would so appreciate being able to have you or someone else like you to share about these rich veins of Gold with me someday. Just want to tell you how grateful I am that our Great I AM gave you these insights, and Gary Sigler chose to make them available to read online! Thank you, precious Rudy-spirit. Blessings forever attend, OiH, Pam

December - 2007:  Shirley R., Etowah, Tennessee

Thank you so much. For 3-4 years now, “Let this Mind be 'in' you which was in Christ Jesus” kept going over and over in my mind. I studied on the mind and received a lot of information but not the complete understanding of what it really meant to have the mind of God in me. The 4th part of Crystal River opened this up to me at 3:00 a.m. I pulled an overnighter praising God for His understanding and His Mind.

December - 2007:  Mary K., Seattle, Washington, USA

A friend recently introduced me to your web site [on Gary Sigler's Kingdom Resources web site]. After reading your articles on “The Crystal River” and “Preface to Tabernacles,” I am so thrilled. It is like a new door has opened to me. I am so excited to be finding new truths in God's Word and beginning to realize who I AM.

November - 2007:  Irene W.

I know how important it is to be thankful and did not want anymore time to lapse before sending this appreciation note. Rudy you are truly a blessing to the body of Christ — sharing these precious and valuable insights into the studies of science and our spiritual walk into All Jesus purchased for us. I want to be able to share these truths as you do — but much more learning is necessary to “catch up” with the knowledge you have acquired over these past many years. Continue to learn and write — I look forward to all you have written. God bless you and all who work with you in sharing these studies.

November - 2008:  Linda R., Warsaw, Missouri

Thank you for sending me the Tabernacle Study. I have a friend who is reading with me. This is a wonderful study. I have never fully understood all that The Tabernacle meant but I am getting new Light now.

November - 2008:  Linda B., Maryland, USA

The course was an awesome study.

November - 2008:  Jim K.

Greetings in that wonderful name. Please convey my greetings to Rudy as well and let him know that I haven't forgotten him. I pray for Rudy's ministry often and am deeply grateful for both the Light emanating from that ministry and for the bond that I feel with Him. I thank God for your support of him as well and pray God's richest blessings for you. In his Wonderful Name, Jim

September - 2008:  Ray and Sheliah K., West Bank, British Columbia

We await your articles with anticipation. They always second witness what the Spirit is saying to us.

September - 2007:  Gary R., Somis, California, USA

Just a short note. I received “The Crystal River” part 11 in the mail and I was truly blessed. I can perceive the marriage ceremony between the spirit and soul is in progress and the consummation of that ceremony will be the manifestation of the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I am truly encouraged and please let Bro. Rudy know that his labor in God's vineyard is not in vain. Laboring to be still. so that God can reveal is a very precious process.

September - 2007:  John W., Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania, USA

I must say your series on the Crystal River is awesome. I am really flowing through this material. I was Led by the spirit to your writings, and what a treasure trove indeed. The Father has blessed my heart, and my path is as a shining light, shining more and more unto that perfect day! Emerson said “No man can hide his secrets so deep in a book that time and like-minded men won't find them.” I hope you get this email. I would just like to personally thank you for sharing your Word with us brother. “ Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” I believe one translation is: “Above all else guard thy heart; for it is the wellspring of life.” Your Crystal series has been drawing water up from my cistern, thank you brother !!!!

August - 2007:  Jack B., Palm Desert, California, USA

Rudy has the ONLY program [to my limited range of searching] that deals with The Tabernacle. I was attracted to it, because I REALIZED it was important, but didn't know WHY or WHAT it was all about. I went through his material about 5 or 6 times starting in 2001.

August - 2007:  Gary R., Somis, California USA

I believe it would be a tremendous blessing to countless individuals to be exposed to the writings that the Holy Spirit has given to Bro Rudy. If individuals go to his site that are ordained for the message of the end time, it will witness to their heart and will bring their spiritual man forth. I will be praying that God will supernaturally direct those who he has ordained to the site. Tell Rudy not to worry about exposing himself to the internet in new manner. People will by nature want to scrutinize the site with their own religious perspective, but that's ok. There are some wonderful children of God out there who are searching for the message of the Kingdom, and when they witness the love and heart of Christ behind the message, they will respond accordingly. God speed to everyone who is laboring for the cause of Christ.

August - 2007:  Joanne P., Dallas, Texas USA

I am so grateful for all he (Rudy) has imparted to so many, but especially to my life.

August - 2007:  Aubrey S., Florence, South Carolina USA

I have never met either him (Rudy) or his wife, but just from talking with him I am sure the pleasure would be great to meet them. I really like the Crystal River articles.... A man with beautiful and such depth of insight.

August - 2007:  David J.

As far as I am perceiving, the website has already been finished, it's just the constraints of time and space that hold it from being a tangible, physical reality today.

August - 2007:  Connie P.

We have met this valuable couple, what a gift they are to humanity, in fact to all of the who know and don't know who the I Am is.

August - 2007:  Brenda H.

How Exciting... Just put all of your combined “Christ Consciousness and Heart” on the new site and we all should be blessed, enlightened, encouraged... well taught and fed Abba's 100% USDA grain fed beef... “ALL MEAT.” Thank You, Jesus. Can you tell how very excited I am???

August - 2007:  Zoriah M., Smithers, British Columbia, Canada

I, for one, am very excited to be able to catch up on ALL OTHER ARTICLES Rudy has written thru-out the yrs... for his Tabernacle lessons and Crystal River articles give hint that there have been some... and always wished I could have seen them, and dive deeper into the wondrous understanding and insights he shares with us... who seek this! For me, its all those other articles that are most important... to catch up on and then print and tuck into the huge binder I have for all of Rudy's articles and lessons. (On the back side of each page, I make my own notes and reminders of what the Holy Spirit brings to my heart as I study-read them, sometimes include past 'true-dreams' that fit with his explanation of our experiencing the Kingdom... and insights, even little pictures flow at times.)

February - 2005:  Jackie A.

Word for Rudy Jones, December 19, 2004: You are on the threshold of something big. I will send others like Rudy to prepare men's hearts to want the Kingdom of of God and understand the principles of the Kingdom. He will have His building and it will be at full capacity. He will be catapulted forward and no longer in the cleft of the rock. He will be sought out to teach the principles of the Kingdom from the Fathers perspective. The stage is being set, the curtain will open and I will manifest Myself in all My Glory for mankind. there is an appointed time, therefore tarry till I endow you with LOVE, get ready for what the world has never seen before!

January - 2005: Anyanime, U., Nigeria

I am from Nigeria, I believe strongly in the TRUTH the Spirit of God is revealing through you.

August - 2007:  Rob H., Honomu, Hawaii, USA

I truly have had some wonderful revelation from what you and Rudy have shared with me. I didn't do the test questions for Tabernacles so I haven't finished the series. I taught for over 20 years here on the Island. Like most teachers, I don't mind giving a test, but don't ask me to take one. Much Love in Christ.

August - 2004:  Wayne J., Chicago, Illinois USA

I am a veterinarian and I am doing research in animal sciences at the University of Illinois. We have a bible study group in our home that includes several graduate students from the mainland of China. They will go back to China after they complete their study. We believe that it is so important that they be rooted and grounded in the Word. It seems to me that the current post-modern trend in too many churches is to teach secular psychology rather than the real scripture, so I am thankful for this ministry you have.

August - 2004:  Joseph T., Lusaka, Zambia

I am a 31 year old man, who recently accepted Jesus as my personal savior and would like to know more on how to live Christian life and have God's presence live in me. Thank you and God Bless.

August - 2004:  Barbara S., Sullivan, Missouri USA

I sent a note yesterday saying that I will join the Corporate Covenant of understanding and being. The reason that I did is that I thought that perhaps the brothers wanted to know that others are indeed joining in this endeavor. I know that things are advancing toward the Kingdom being in earth as it is in Heaven. Don't you just know it in your spirit! And yes, I know that before the beginning we were in Christ, a part of the magnificent creation of the Son, the family of God. I realize that the reason for taking on human flesh is to overcome all that is opposite of Almighty God. Amen, let it be!

March - 2002:  Ron G., Twyford, Hastings, New Zealand

Is it possible to receive this course in New Zealand?

March - 2002:  Lim H., Indonesia

Dear Sir, I have read one of your articles and I am very interested in your course, and want to know more about them. Please send your tabernacles course to me.

September - 2001:  Wayne V., Victoria, Australia

Dear Rudy, We have just finished listening to your sessions at Port Austin with Warwick. We are from Australia, where Warwick comes from. It has taken me to a new level of thought and study. Looking forward to hearing from you.

September - 2001:  Dianne H., Wilmington, North Carolina USA

Last night a friend came to my home and we went all the way through Lessons 3 & 4 again. We STUDIED the Word and we laughed and we cried and we praised God for five hours. We began at 6pm and stopped at 11pm. I don't know when I have had more fun from insight in His Word. I have gone through each lesson at least three times on my own and I can't get enough of it. That is because I always find some nugget of truth I did not find the time before. I know Rudy desires that we dig and search behind him and I do. I love the confirming because I always get more and more blessing beyond what he wrote in his notes. Then down the line he will end up bringing out that same thing. He is a tremendous anointed teacher and I cannot tell him how blessed I am to have discovered this teaching. ... I can relate to the fact that this truth has always been in me. I can hardly wait to see with my spirit what God is going to unveil next.

August - 2001:  Gary S., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Wonderfully clear writing in a confused world of spiritual ideas.

August - 2001:  Erik S., Catford, London, England

I have read your preface to Tabernacles and would be delighted to be enrolled in your Tabernacles interactive bible study. I am a resident of the United Kingdom, a son of God, and a zealous seeker of truth.

July - 2001:  Zelam T., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dear Rudy Jones, This year I have gone through horrible situations what some could have said is 'backsliding' and the end of me. I feel this entire struggle was until I believe that my old man is dead. A dead man doesn't have his will, strength, emotions, etc... But you know, that subtle wild animal, the beast, Adam, is some times creeping in when I fail to hear the whispering of the Holy Spirit or when I miss to whisper for help in the time of need. I have copied your preface to Tabernacles. It is wonderful. May God richly bless you again and again in His doings. He has chosen us for this wonderful day.

July - 2001:  Bob K., Salisbury East, South Australia

I am an avid fan of tabernacles, and have some serious teaching surrounding this area. I am thrilled and excited at the confirming word you are bringing, as you say; its already within from before the foundation of the world. I would love to join you in your journey through this wonderful part of scripture as I know you have the next line.

June - 2001:  Miren de G., Venezuela

My name is Miren. I live in Venezuela. And until now few in my country are sharing this truth. For me and some of my beloved friends not many has been a very lonely way back to home. To the Father's house within us. And also some of these truths have broken the wrong columns that were built in the foundation which is Christ, so you can imagine that we have experienced the truly Armageddon (spirit versus flesh). I know all of these experiences have the only purposed to reveal the Christ in us. This is my hope. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you. My love in the only One who is established in the Love from the beginning.

June - 2001:  Marvel S., Kelowna, Brithish Columbia, Canada

I would like to enroll in Tabernacles. This is my day off and I went to Gary Sigler's site to find that you had just put this in today. I do not usually click on a new name so quickly, however, the Lord always seems to give me what I need and when I need it. I was thrilled when I read that you prayed that the Holy Spirit would draw only those who are seeking His Will to your writings. Anyway, I have just finished reading the preface to Tabernacles and am more than sufficiently interested to enroll as it certainly witnessed with my spirit. Will write later... In His Eternal Love

June - 2001:  Susan M., Gaithersburg, Maryland USA

Thank you!! And, we have used the very words you have; “that you may remember what you used to know and had just forgotten.” The recovery of spiritual truth. I so look forward to the portion He has given you to re-veal. Continued blessings and all that eye has not seen and ear not heard yet of what He plans.

• • •

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