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Questions have been one of the motivating forces that have propelled me to search out the scriptures. We plan to post answers to the popular or more thought provoking questions we receive, that we might help each other to “Remember” the answers. Since I do not have internet access, please mail your questions.

     How did you first become so interested in The Tabernacle?

After a very brief professional baseball career, Polly and I had moved to Fountain Inn, SC, to start a retail furniture store. In exploring the area, she and I had driven into Greenville, SC, which is a large city nearby. While driving down one of the main thoroughfares, we saw a man building an altar outside on the lawn of a large Presbyterian church on a Sunday afternoon. Curiosity had us stop to inquire what the man was building. (This was back in the early 50's when it was very unusual in our area to see someone working on a Sunday.) When I asked what he was doing, he explained that he was building a model of The Tabernacle Altar, and he inquired if I knew about The Tabernacle of Moses. I did not. So he explained to me that it was the original worship center for the nation Israel.

As he explained the history, he invited us to come as his guest to the evening service where he was teaching. His name was Ralph Mount, an itinerant bible teacher from Mansfield, Ohio, where he had worked for Westinghouse as an engineer. As he opened the scriptures to us that Sunday evening, much that we had heard in our Baptist Sunday School suddenly made sense. After attending a full week of teaching services, I inquired as to where he would be the following week. He explained that he just had a series of studies cancelled, so we invited him to spend the following week with us in our home. And so, we had 7 more days of in depth teaching! Seeing my interest, Ralph suggested that I might build a model. His advice was to use only the Bible in constructing the replica.

Polly spent the next year designing and sewing the fabric fence, gates, curtains and veil, and assembled the Priest's Garment:  the white seamless robe, ephod (short jacket) with breast plate (vest with 12 stones), and bonnet. I spent that year building a very simple portable model of the Tabernacle. There are many intricate, detailed parts that make up what we call The Tabernacle because they are used to illustrate the many intricate, detailed working parts of our physical body.

I eventually shared the model with my teen-aged Sunday School Class, which helped me convey to them the deeper appreciation and confidence in exploring the hidden mysteries of the scriptures. Over a period of weeks, they seemed to get excited about in depth Bible study, and their enthusiasm was noticed by their parents, which then resulted in invitations to teach adult classes about the exciting adventures of exploring the hidden mysteries of the Bible. The interest that spread by word of mouth opened even more opportunities to teach in other churches. And to make a long story short, over the next period of 30 to 40 years, these opportunities enabled me to share in over 400 churches of all denominations including Jewish Synagogues, Catholic Churches and most Protestant denominations.

Every teaching opportunity has been a learning experience for my being motivated to search for answers to the questions that always developed. Once in teaching in a Christian Businessman's Fellowship, I was introduced to Cliff Barrows, the music director for the Billy Graham Ministry. This eventually resulted in opportunities to teach counselors for some of his crusades, which opened other church related opportunities.

The adventure of responding to doors the Spirit opens continues to be a growing and learning experience for me. It is amazing to observe how the Spirit of God connects us with just the right part of the Body to advance our interest in The Revelation of things that have been hidden for ages and generations.

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