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Rudy and Polly Jones...

Polly and I were both conceived into this 3rd Dimension in the year 1926, and given physical birth in 1927, to working class families in South Carolina, just prior to the Great Depression. We have lived in a small town, Fountain Inn, SC, in the same house, for 50 years. My background includes Maritime Service during WW II, followed by three years as a professional minor league baseball player. Polly and I have worked together in the retail furniture business for 50 years and still counting. We have been blessed with two daughters, seven grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, and hoping for many more.

Do you know who we truly are?

We Came to Remember our Christ Connection during a Tabernacle Study in 1952. For the past 56 years, we have endeavored to continue to Remember and share what we have in over 400 denominational Churches and Home Bible Studies including: Billy Graham World Wide Pictures, Christian Business Men's Fellowship, Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, as well as authoring “The Tabernacles Home Bible Study” and “The Crystal River” series of articles.

We are not who we and others (including family)
have always thought us to be.

Having been born into Christian homes, we were led to believe that we were supposed to ”become“ spiritual. We had been taught and had always considered ourselves to be human beings. But we discovered along the way that we are, and always have been, Spirit. Our Father sent us here to have a human experience, and He showed us that we were assigned to help establish Father's Kingdom on Earth, beginning within our own bodies. We are still learning that our bodies are vibrating, harmonized frequencies of Spirit Life; perfected and complete in Christ.

We are being shown that we are synchronized musical instruments, seeking other parts of Christ's Orchestra with whom we can harmonize as duets, trios, quartets or choirs, and together we can perform a National Anthem of Love in crescendos. We have discovered, praise God, that neither we, nor any of us ever were separated from God. He is and always has been Life. We have always been in a Love Connection with Him. Ignorantly, religion taught us the original lie. We are learning that we can enjoy Angelic fellowship. We intend to expose the lie of sin and separation as a state of flesh consciousness.

Every one, who becomes aware that
they are breathing God's Covenant Connected Breath,
is an individual living Spirit Being.

Who are we? We are Quanta; you are Quantum. All God's children are Quanta. Quantum is a dimension of unity and oneness. All who have experienced Christ as their life are learning to experience the Now-ness of Today. Quantum is a parallel dimension within the consciousness of every believer. Now Quantum is a place within us where life is not ruled by clocks and calendars. Every activity here in Quantum is an expression of Divine Appointment (Kairos). In Quantum, our joyous freedom is a new paradigm where we find freedom in our need for others.

This is who we are and what we are about. In Quantum, we find that our end was finished in the Beginning. Listen quietly, “He is calling you by name. He is here.” He is where you are. We are in Quantum's Unified Oneness with The Word of Life.

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