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Polly and I were introduced to The Miracle Seed MILA in mid January, 09. We are hearing exciting testimonials from MILA seminars we attend, but wanted to use this page to share results we have received from our friends we know who are using MILA. And, I've also written an article on the meaning of the word "MILA." You can click here to find it.

Cholesterol Dropped 97 Points!

Cholesterol Dropped 97 Points! — from F.S., Gainesville, GA

I'm 78 years young, and have used statins on and off for years without good results. High cholesterol seems to run in our family. I went to the doctor in December, 2009, to test my cholesterol, and it was high as usual. This time I started taking MILA, and consistently made effort to take it once a day for about one month before I had my cholesterol rechecked in February, 2010.

When taking the statins, my cholesterol would usually only drop around 30 points, but after using MILA my cholesterol DROPPED 97 POINTS! And, my good HTL increased from 59 to 68. My doctor was thrilled when she saw the results and asked what I'd done! I find I have a lot more energy and just feel better overall... things are improving all over. I'm going to keep using MILA.

Cholesterol Chart with Super Results!

Cholesterol Lowered! — from M.H., Brushnell, FL

High cholesterol runs in our family. For years I've been on Zetia and four or five different statins — switching back and forth. I've also tried alternative methods such as Niacin and Red Yeast Rice, as well as numerous low fat and low cholesterol diets. Eventually I went off the statins due to painful leg complications and other side effects.

After being recently tested, the results again showed high Cholesterol, high Triglicerides, and high LDL. I was told to try another different statin again. But I had seen a news release about the cholesterol lowering effects of MILA, so I ordered MILA instead. After using MILA for 30 days, I was tested again. This time my general practitioner verified that my cholesterol DROPPED 75 POINTS! and wanted to know what I'd been doing. I told him I'd been on MILA and he said, "Whatever you‘re doing, stick with it!”

Skin no longer itches or stings! — from Rudy Jones, Fountain Inn, SC

Gary recently reported that he had suffered with a yeast condition for many years, which caused his body to break out all over and it would itch and sting. He had tried everything that anyone had recommended without results. After a few days on Mila, he said that everything cleared up. He's gone 6 months now without reocurrance or problems.

EVERYTHING normal, even cholesterol! — from Jenny W., Wilkesboro, NC

I want Brother Rudy to know how the Mila "seeds" have helped. I had my physical and EVERYTHING was normal. PTL! My Dr had been trying for 1 year to get me on a statin drug for my high cholesterol. Two orders back, I begged her to give me 3 months more to bring it to normal. Thank the Lord and you good people, I made it! I am sorry, but I don't have the before and after counts. I just know all is normal. I will need to order another Mila.

Itching Condition Disappeared! — from Brenda M., Matthews, SC

I've had a problem with severe dry skin on and off for the last couple years. It's like an itch on the inside of my skin. I could scratch and scratch on the surface of my skin, but I felt like I could never get to the source of the itch for relief. Several family members have this same problem I have. I finally went to the doctor earlier this year about it. He told me what it was, but I can’t remember the name of the condition. The doctor gave me two prescriptions to take, but I was invited to a MILA meeting and bought a bag of MILA instead of buying the prescriptions. I mixed my MILA with water to make a thick paste and applied it to my skin. I only applied the MILA paste twice. The first time I applied it for only a few hours, but the second time I left it on my skin throughout the night. The itching left within a few days, and that was 6 weeks ago. I’m now drinking the MILA everyday and I'm guessing that it's keeping the itch from flaring up.

I'm Full of Vitality! — from Billy H., CA

Before MILA, I had difficulty getting awake enough to get out of bed. Now, as soon as I awake, I’m full of vitality and ready to go.

Hand, Shoulder, and Leg Pain Gone! — from Rudy Jones, Fountain Inn, SC

Dennis is a mechanic and had difficulty pulling a wrench as he had arthritis in his hand and wrist. He started taking MILA on a Saturday. The following Monday morning he reported his arthritis was gone. Another friend named George needed a shot in his shoulder for pain. After one bag of MILA the pain is gone. A receptionist I know said that she took MILA in the morning and within 3 hours her leg pain was gone and has not returned.

Sore Throat Gone! — from Jim R., Columbia, SC

I woke up at 4 a.m. with the worse sort throat I’d ever had. I could not think of anything I had on hand in the house that would help, so I decided to try my newly acquired MILA. So, I filled an 8 ounce glass with water and stirred in 1 tablespoon of MILA. By the time I finished drinking the 8 ounces of water, my sore throat was gone.

I Turned Into Platinum! — from Lenwood W., Gray Court, SC

I had leg pain from my knee down to my fourth toe. After one week of MILA, the pain went away and “I turned into Platinum” (MILA Platinum Distributor).

Chronic Dysentery Cleared Up! — from Rudy Jones, Fountain Inn, SC

My niece’s mother had chronic dysentery for years. It all cleared up within one month of using MILA.

Foul Pet Odor Gone! — from Rudy Jones, Fountain Inn, SC

One friend had complained about her pet dog's foul gas odor. But after feeding her dog MILA with his meals, her dog's foul gas odor is gone.

My Sore Throat Disappeared! — from Wanda F., Lexington, SC

I awoke at 6 a.m. with a severe sore throat. Having heard the testimonial of Jim R. one night at a MILA meeting, I thought I'd try his remedy. I too had just recently purchased MILA, so I took 1/4 glass of water and mixed in some MILA. I then took the first swallow, waited a few seconds, and realized that the mixture was thickening. When I drank the second swallow of the lightly thickened MILA, my sore throat disappeared.

Weight Loss of 21 Pounds! — from Rudy Jones, Fountain Inn, SC

After taking one bag of MILA, a friend reported that he has lost 21 pounds!

Unexpected Nerve Restoration — from Rudy Jones, Fountain Inn, SC

Three close friends of mine ALL had severed nerves in their forefingers. After one week of using MILA, the feeling in their fingers has been restored.

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