Photo of Rudy Jones and model of Tabernacle he and Polly built

The Tabernacle Bible Study
    by Rudy Jones...

Discover and Celebrate The Truth about Your Life...
“Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men.”

Just as in The Biblical Revelation that “God declares the End from the Beginning,” He gave Moses detailed plans for the constructing of The Tabernacle in the Wilderness even before Moses wrote the “Word.”

Jesus was the ultimate Tabernacle of God: “The Word [Jesus] became flesh and dwelt [Tabernacled] among us.” We see that the ultimate Plan of God is to become Man. “And they took up stones to stone Jesus.” Why? Because, they said, “You, as a man, make yourself to be God.”

They missed it! Many still miss it. Jesus was not Man making Himself God. Jesus was Spirit God expressing Himself as Man! That is God’s planned Purpose for our humanity. I believe the best way to understand how God plans to “Tabernacle” in you is to study the original Tabernacle.

Note: Since having a personal awakening to the power of the Gospel through a Tabernacle Study, Rudy Jones has shared this exciting and transforming illustrated message more than 2,500 times in over 400 churches and Bible study groups, over the past 50 years. Through this study you will thrill at the correlation of the spiritual truths in the Old and New Testament, discover the foundation of your faith, and learn how to be the Christ-Person you were designed to be.

Click on the links below to download the PDF file for each lesson:

The Tabernacles Welcome

• Personal Welcome Letter from Rudy Jones

The Tabernacles Preface

• What is The “Covenant“ Our ForeFather Made with Spiritual Israel?
• Our Goal is to Find Buried Inside Man... The True Spiritual Identity of Man

The Tabernacles Introduction

• The Tabernacle, in the Wilderness... A Prophetic Illustration of The Tabernacle in Man
• Have You “Crossed Over” from the Natural Mind to the Spiritual Mind?

The Tabernacles Lesson 1

• Welcome  • An Invitation To Journey  • The Tabernacle Names  • The Offerings
• The Beginning and The End  • His Covenant Presence  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 2

• Introduction to Lesson 2  • The Encampment  • The Gate and The Court
• The Court/The Sanctuary  • The Three Levels of Salvation  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 3

• The Altar  • The Ephod and Breast Plate  • Introduction to Lesson 3
• The Brass Altar  • The Priest, Altar and Stars  • The Brass Altar  
• Psalm 19 Paraphrased • Altar Practical Applications  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 4

• Introduction to Lesson 4: The Mystery of “Dying To Live”
• The Laver  • Glossary of Terms and Symbols  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 5

• Introduction to Lesson 5: The Age of Aquarius
• The Anointing (Christ)  • The Candlestick  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 6

• Introduction to Lesson 6: A Review of Lessons 1-5 (Psalms 91) 
• The Three Levels of Spiritual Maturity  • The Table of Shewbread
• The Secret Language of the Bible • Hebrew Alphabet and Number Charts
• The Anointing (Christ)  • The Thoughts and Intents of the Heart  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 7

• Summary of Previous Lessons  • Introduction to Lesson 7  • The Golden Altar
• Conclusion to Lesson 7  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 8

• Introduction to Lesson 8  • The Veil Was Rent  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 9

• Key Perspectives and Viewpoints  • The Secret of the Tabernacle
• Psalms 91  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 10

• Misconceptions: The Little Foxes Are The Power Thieves  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 11

• The Tabernacle Preface  • What is the Goal of Salvation? • The Ark of the Covenant
• The Sum of The Tabernacle  • Thought Provokers  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 12

• Introduction to Lesson 12  • Where Is the Kingdom of Heaven?
• ”SHAMIYM“ — Water; H2O  • Summary of Lesson 12
• 9111 Emergency Call  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 13

• Introduction to Lesson 13  • Is Christ a Person?
• The Books of Acts Chapter 49  • Thought Provokers

The Tabernacles Lesson 14

• A Summary of Marriage of the Old and New Testaments  • The Land of IZ
• Spiritual War is the Struggle Between the Outside and Inside
• Our True Spiritual Life is Resurrection Life  • The Mystery of Iniquity

• • •

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