Photo of golden graduation cap and diploma

Tabernacles Class of 2008 Valedictorian

                  — Linda Beach —

Our intention is to name a valedictorian at the end of each year. This year the honor goes to Linda Beach, from the state of Maryland. We would like to congratulate Linda, and express our gratitude for her exemplary completion of all Tabernacle Bible Study Lessons.

Linda has written a valedictory address, which we have posted here for your enjoyment.

To the Class of 2008...

Dear Seekers of Truth, I treasured exploring the deeper meanings of the Old Testament physical Tabernacle. The ordered layout, from the entrances through the courts and deep into the Holy of Holies, reveals our progress into Christ; “lost” into Him and found in Him as our True Identity. As the Kings whose “honor it is to search out a hidden matter,” there is pure joy studying and entering each area, object and furnishing! Tabernacles 101 progressively reveals and unveils us as His Tabernacle Dwelling Place. I have been blessed to discover that through “remembering” we have access into the beautiful secret dimension where all is well, all the time.

In His Love, Linda Beach


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